Veronica McCormack is the Founder and CEO of V.Beauty Hair & Makeup Agency, LLC and the curator of the V.Beauty Reset Experience, the V.Beauty Razor Cut Curl and the V.Beauty Affinity collection. She is an award winning Stylist, International Educator, and Makeup Artist. Veronica is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry as lead Platform Artist for Caliber Pro Beauty. She has served as lead hairstylist and makeup artist for various media entities and high profile events including, but not limited to, the Oscars, New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, and the Golden Scissors Awards. Veronica is taking the beauty industry by storm with her innovative thinking, focused vision, and exclusive trendy beauty designs. Her passion for excellence, and the ability to persevere, makes Ms. McCormack a much sought after "Beauty Powerhouse."